FREEDOM – such a big word with a much bigger meaning. I originally had this post in mind for the 4th of July, but I feel this is an ongoing topic and a worthwhile one to touch on all year long.

When I speak of freedom, I do not speak about the wonderful liberties we enjoy in this awesome country, but of the freedoms we should be enjoying within our individual selves.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you:

1. “There is no way in hell you will find me in a swimsuit at the Jones’ 4th of July pool party!”

2. When you look in the mirror you see what you THINK is your fat butt, arms, waist, etc.

3. You compare yourself to others and how they have better hair, nicer skin, skinnier legs.

Do any of these resonate with you? These are just a sampling of things we say to ourselves that keep us captive to our sabotaging thoughts.

Why is it that we as women are so hard on ourselves? Why are we constantly putting ourselves down and comparing ourselves to other women? Why do we hide under the covers when it comes to sex with our husbands or get dressed behind closed doors so we are not seen naked?

All of these negative thought processes and actions help us lead a life devoid of freedom. Freedom to enjoy and celebrate every moment of who we are. Be the women God intended us to be. Fun, loving, caring, inspiring, worthy wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.

If all these thoughts aren’t bad enough, did you know they contribute to the low energy, muffin top, dullness, moodiness we find ourselves experiencing in our busy lives.

So, do one thing for me (really for you) today as you go about your life. Celebrate the awesome woman you are, know that you are strong and beautiful and worthy of all good that comes your way. Make a decision to yourself to work on breaking the chains of captivity and celebrate the freedom you so rightly deserve.

Need some nudging? Look in the mirror and tell yourself “Dang, I am one hot women!” and mean it! Next, when you find yourself comparing yourself to another awesome lady at your 4th party, go up to her and let her know how much you like her_____. You will be surprised how great that makes YOU feel.

Here’s to freedom and a happiness from within!


Nutritional Health and Wellness Coach