It’s all about the muscles right?  Literally, I don’t mean physical muscles, although, those can be included too.  I’m referring to the invisible type muscles, the one’s responsible for creativity, learning, inspiration, etc.  The same way we build and maintain our physical bodies, through exercise, play, or whatever hard work is necessary, so too do we build strength in just about every other area of life.

  • Taking action – muscle
  • “Showing up for yourself”, as we like to say in tree hugger land – muscle
  • Compassion – muscle
  • Meditation – muscle
  • Forgiveness – muscle
  • Creativity – muscle

I think you get the point.

I haven’t written anything in a long time. The part of my brain that is responsible for that function seems to have diminished to almost nothing.

Bear with me as I work this muscle again.

Whenever you find yourself stuck in any area of your life it’s usually because of some sort of imbalance, or a weak muscle.

What’s keeping you from being in the best shape of your life, getting that start-up business going, or, from any other activity you wish you were capable of?  You guessed it!  Weak muscles.

Why are they weak?

  • Is it a lack of focus or are you just plain distracted?
  • Is your immediate environment (person, place, or thing) not conducive to being productive, or to making changes?
  • Is the way you eat hindering your potential?

Whichever one of the above it may be, don’t stress yourself out about it.  Sometimes all we need to do is take a step back to gain perspective, regroup and apply a few strategies.

Stepping Back

Food is the fuel that powers pretty much every single function in your body.  The better the quality of the food you eat the better results you can expect to see in your life.

  • Sports – check!
  • Sex – double check!
  • Better cognitive function – check!
  • Overall wellness – big ol’ double, checkity-check-check!

Do yourself a favor and get informed on what makes for poor or great quality food.  Here’s a great resource for that, Michael Pollan’s Food Rules.

Get crystal clear:  Block out a certain time in your day where you can grab a pen and pad (try to avoid digital distractions) then start writing down a list of dreams, or goals that you’d love to accomplish in your life.  Anything that deviates from helping you achieve these goals is a distraction (too much TV, Internet, partying, etc).  Personal time with the family, self, or other nurturing activities that revitalize you are not distractions.  Just remember to keep it balanced.

Mix it up & start flowing:  Try going to a new place every day for a about a week; coffee shop, bookstore, library, park, beach, even the gym!  The point here is that you need to find a suitable environment to nurture that inspiration/creativity muscle.  If you can’t go anywhere else (not likely) then turn the place where you live or work into a place that nurtures you by making some simple changes.  Here’s one resource you can use:

I know that the points above aren’t the only reasons why we don’t get things done.  We are complex creatures with a seemingly infinite multitude of behaviors linked to thinking patterns that are further linked to life experiences and beyond.  But, for the purpose of this blog, I wanted to keep it simple & encourage you to get out there and try any of these tips.  They’re powerful and they can work.

For now, if you’d like to overcome an old negative behavior pattern, such as, lack of action in any area of your life (like myself & writing), just start by taking an action to flex those muscles!

What do you do to work your “muscles”?

Yours in service,

Wholesome Ape