Most of us don’t get enough sex.

Many of us lack love, touch and intimacy.

And most of us are too embarrassed or disgusted to talk about it.

Does this ring true for you?

Do you shudder at the thought of being open with your partner?

Are you too tired to be bothered?

Are the kids keeping you up at night and is sleep the only thing your bed’s for?

Listen up: Modern life, jam-packed with stress, pressure and junk food, is the ultimate libido destroyer, but you still must find a way to be sexually satisfied, because your sexuality enhances your life and your health — both physical and psychological.

And if you want to bring back some magic and sparkle into your relationship and reclaim your mojo, babe, you gotta eat right.

1. Why You Have to Get the Balance Right

Rise and shine… and start the day with a balanced breakfast — protein and fiber. Fruit and nuts, a great green smoothie with yoghurt or seeds and spirulina. You want your meal to enter your system and digest slowly. So sit down, breathe and enjoy!

This way, you’re setting yourself up well for after-work intimacy.

Grabbing a cup of coffee and a doughnut on the run is going to wreak havoc with your mood and your energy levels. It’s like you’ll be bringing home Grumpy and Dopey for the night.

2. Things Starbucks Won’t Advertise

Keep hydrated — and that means drinking water. It’ll keep you alert mentally and physically so that by evening, you still have stamina. Drink a couple glassess of water — I like warm water — in the morning for an optimal start. But don’t add lemon or fresh herbs — straight up for a direct pipeline into your system.

If you’re thinking about a pick-me-up in the form of a latte or a Cola, think again. The short-lived up comes with a major down and you’ll be far too hyped to snuggle and cuddle come day’s end. Coffee can kill your sex life. You’ll be so pumped from the caffeine you won’t have a chance in hell of slowing down and relaxing for love.

3. The Importance of Fats (Not Paula Deen Style!)

You need to nourish your Mojo with fats — that’s right. Your adrenal glands produce more than fifty hormones and these little power houses need cholesterol to do their thing properly. Now I’m not suggesting a massive, juicy steak at all. You want healthy fats, the kinds found in salmon, olive oil, flax seeds and walnuts.

This is exceptionally important because stress annihilates the adrenals and chronic fatigue can set in if you don’t protect and nourish your adrenals with these crucial fats.

4. Lights, Camera, Action: Activating Your Pleasure Zone

If you’re lacking protein, the feel-good department of your brain will be on lights-out mode. To get you warm and fuzzy, dopamine must release to light up the pathway to love (and lust). And dopamine requires protein to flip that switch — so make sure you’re getting your share of either lean or plant protein.

Aside, protein also gives sustained energy whereas carbs do the roller coaster thing — quick up… and down. Stamina is definitely called for tonight.

5. Why Size Really Does Matter

You don’t want to be gorging down a large dinner or one of you will be too bloated and uncomfortable for any form of passion. But don’t starve yourself either or the only noises you’ll hear will be gurgles and rumbles — enough to freeze anyone’s libido.

Be like Goldilocks — somewhere in between will be just right.

6. Sweet Temptation: Saving the Best for Last

For that final delicious touch, have some premium dark chocolate nearby. You’ll instantly feel in the mood as you nibble on it because your dopamine and serotonin levels escalate while you’re savoring that sweetness.

A loving, intimate and supportive relationship is crucial to your wellbeing. It’s right up there with broccoli, pilates and prayer. I kid you not. If you are feeling sexually unfulfilled with your partner, you’ll never be Living Your Best Life.

So try these tips and talk to each other. Communicate your needs and wants.

Recognizing the impact of your diet on your sexuality is crucial. For more info on how to truly jumpstart your life in every way, please contact me at and we’ll set up your initial free consultation.