We’ve all heard the slogans; feel the burn, no pain no gain, work it out. But how often have those words ever actually inspired people to exercise? I imagine not very often.These days, it seems like there is a new workout DVD, TV show or book out on the market weekly! Yet according to the CDC, about one-third of U.S. adults (33.8%) are obese. How can this be with the constant bombardment of health information we experience? My personal belief is that people don’t exercise because they haven’t found something they enjoy or a way of moving that doesn’t feel like a chore.

If you think back 100 years ago, the word workout wasn’t even part of our vocabulary. Folks weren’t going to gyms, jumping on spinning bikes or counting calories. People walked more, ate more naturally, worked on farms or kept busy running their houses. They were naturally active. But with the invention of modern technology and things such as television, computers and smartphones, we’ve seen that people spend more time inside, which means less time moving.

One thing I tell my clients is that it isn’t the mode of exercise you do, it’s that you incorporate some movement into your life. Too many people feel they need to spend endless hours at a gym or in a workout class that they really aren’t enjoying. When we don’t enjoy a form of movement, we are less likely to actually stick with it.

Think for a moment about Richard Simmons, the king of programs like “Sweatin to the Oldies”. Why do you think he has sustained such a long career and has so many success stories? Because let’s face it, dancing around to James Brown is just plain fun! If you’ve ever watched those videos, the participants are huffing and puffing and red faced but boy, do they have smiles on their faces!

Exercise doesn’t have to be dull or boring or something we dread. It’s all about finding YOUR way of moving. Personally, nothing makes me happier than a good yoga class, a hike outside or jumping on my mountain bike. In fact, you’ll probably never find me in a gym! So if you’re ready to kick your movement up a notch, start trying things you think you might like. As Nike says “Just Do It”!

Statistic cited: http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/trends.html

Heather McCoy, Holistic Health Coach

Email: hmholistic@gmail.com

Website: www.wellnesswithincounseling.com