The Crave Cast: Sugar Cravings + Thyroid Healing

Listen in to my interview with Alex Jamieson, the host of The Crave Cast, a podcast dedicated to things we really crave in life; health, vitality, joy, fun, pleasure, freedom. In my interview, I cover how thyroid health and adrenal fatigue are connected in the pursuit of overall health. My formula shares how to get […]

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The Fertility Friday Podcast

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 4.36.38 PM

Join Andrea and Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, the creator of the Fertility Friday podcast and blog to learn how proper thyroid function is so important for health and fertility. Understand the role the thyroid plays in the body and how it is connected to […]

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Fat to Fit My Quest


From Fat to Fit: Listen now to discover the impact of thyroid problems on weight, and how a healthy nutrition-based plan can make a bigger difference than medication. The right food and lifestyle can trigger a boost in your immune system and have you feeling better.


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What’s Your Gut Telling You?

Watch these pre-recorded classes. Get 25-30% off with these coupon codes!

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Bigger Game Expo: Let’s Go! It’s time to Improve Your Health and Vitality

Watch these pre-recorded classes. Get 25-30% off with these coupon codes!

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Self Care Strategies to Create a Peaceful Mind

Selfcare strategies

Listen to my interview with Robin Byrne, from r3 meditation on how to create simple and effective self-care strategies for more peace in your life. The tools and recommendations I provide are designed to bring more balance and bliss to your life.


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Reiki Answer Lady


Join me and Reiki Answer Lady as we discuss how Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chakras and other ancient healing modalities can be used to diagnose and heal the body on a deep level and prevent future illness. This information can augment your expertise and help to […]

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Happiness After a Loss

Have you had a loss that’s left you wondering if you’ll ever feel happy again? It could be the loss of a person close to you, or it could be the loss of your health due to a malfunctioning thyroid gland or other bodily dysfunction. Tune […]

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Hot and Healthy Thyroid

Learn how your thyroid functions, the symptoms of an under-active or over-active thyroid, and what happens when it is removed. We’ll also cover changes to make in your daily life to improve your thyroid condition.


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Improve Your Energy!

If you're feeling pooped and can't seem to make it through the day, watch/listen to this and learn 5 easy steps to boost your energy naturally.

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