For the past twelve years I have had the good fortune to lead a mini-health revolution here in Seattle. As a chiropractor, I have helped people heal naturally through the removal of interference to their nervous system.

For most who have visited a chiropractic office this will likely sound familiar as most doctors explain that adjustments physically move a bone off of a nerve. This in turn allows the brain to effectively communicate with the body, and that nerve pathway in particular.

However, many people don’t realize there are more components to a poorly functioning nervous system. In this case, I am talking about artificial sweeteners. They come with various brand names and are different chemically, but make no mistake, they are terrible for our health and our nervous system.

Aspartame has been on the market for nearly 30 years, typically found in sugar free products such as diet soda, gum, candy, and everything in between. It has been sold as a diet aid, yet it has never been proven effective for weight loss. On the contrary as a matter of fact. The chemical can leave a person feeling hungry for hours and cause them to overeat.

When you consider the symptoms many, and I dare say most, people enter my office with, artificial sweeteners should be banned from the marketplace. While we do have the freedom to not purchase the item, many feel addicted to the products and are sold on the idea they are safe.

Some of the symptoms that are linked to aspartame consumption are: headaches, dizziness, mood swings, abdominal pain, itching, seizures, and memory loss. Just to name a few.

Rarely do people realize that the chemical compound known as Aspartame is a neuro-toxin, which says it all. It is toxic to our nerve cells. The publicity has been so negative against Aspartame and the brand name NutraSweet, that Monsanto has recently changed it to Aminosweet.

I find this laughable as the name amino implies health, muscle building, and growth. This is extremely misleading but wonderful marketing and branding.

There are many alternatives if a person is seeking sweetener without calories or harmful side effects. Stevia and natural honey are just two of the ever growing industries that seek to give people a product that is safe and effective.

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, or know that you consume artificial sweeteners on a regular basis, it just might be time to kick the habit. Your body, mind, and nervous system will thank you.

About the Author: Dr. Graeme Gibson, D.C. is a full time husband and chiropractor in Seattle. A regular contributor to his Queen Anne Chiropractic and Dental Departures blog, he enjoys educating others on how to live a safe and healthy lifestyle.

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