Guest Blogger

It was in 2000 when I left my home country to study in the United States. For the next nearly 9 years after I took road-trips within the US, I traveled for cross country and track meets, traveled for work, took vacations in Canada and Mexico, visited my home country and backpacked around Europe.

In 2009 I moved again and started leading a rather chaotic and nomadic life. Since then I changed locations at least every three months. I traveled through 30 countries on 4 continents. I traveled by planes, trains, buses, matatus, cars, bicycles and on foot on four continents. Let’s just say I know a few things about traveling. Throughout my years of traveling I picked up several ideas to stay healthy on the road.

1. Prevention. Prevention is always the key. What you eat today will create the future for you. If you don’t take care of yourself today it will be more difficult to stay healthy for your vacation next month or even next year. So make sure you eat healthy today, get nutritious real food into your system. Eat right, drink enough water, exercise, sleep enough, create balance within yourself today – so you can enjoy some healthy life tomorrow full of adventures.

2. Hydration. Hydration is so important. About 50-65% of your body is made up of water. That is a big part of you. Drinking water helps your body maintain balance, reduce cravings, energizes your muscles, and to detoxify your body. Always keep a bottle handy to refill at a water-fountain or tap, or buy bottled water if drinking water is unavailable otherwise. Make sure to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day.

3. Fruits and Veggies. Do I even need to say more about this? Eating vegetables and fruits is essential for your health traveling or not. Traveling adds stress on your body so it is even more important. If you can find a juice or smoothie bar or have access to a juicer or blender at your accommodation, go for it. Green juices and smoothies are an excellent way to get vitamins and mineral into your system quickly. In addition to drinking them, you should also eat your fruits and veggies. Go to the local market, visit the produce section of the local supermarket, order a salad (or a double-salad) at a restaurant, and pick up a fruit plate for breakfast. The good thing is that you will always find at least some kind of vegetables and fruits at any country you go to.

4. Healthy snacks. Life can and does get a little hectic being on the road. You won’t always have the opportunity to have proper meals at proper meal times. That will call for even more snacking and makes it even more important to carry healthy snacks around before finding yourself at a gas station or a vending machine grabbing a candy bar with some chips. Fruits and vegetables are always good choices for healthy snack. So are nuts and seeds for essential fats and protein. And don’t forget the superfoods: maca for your hormones, hemp and flax seeds for Omega-3-s and goji berries and raw chocolates for anti-oxidants.

5. Planning. Of course if you are backpacking in Africa it is much more difficult to plan than when traveling for work in North-America, but still plan as much as you can. Find farmers market, supermarkets and restaurants ahead of time. Pick a park to go running or find a hotel with a gym before arriving.

6. Exercise. Keeping your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and your lymphatic system moving is crucial for health. Exercise does wonders not only for your body but your mind too. Running, walking, hiking, yoga, pilates, HIIT and TABATA workouts are all extremely transportable. Pick the one that suits your personality and your situation.

7. Sleep. With early flights, uncomfortable bus rides, time zone changes and exciting activities getting enough sleep can become a challenge. Yet, it is important to make sure to keep sleep on your priority list. Sleep deprivation can lead to a lowered function of the immune system, cardiovascular problems, weight gain, mood disturbances and generally a lack of balance. Obviously it leads to a lack of energy thus you can’t enjoy your travels as much as you would like to. Make sure to sleep at least 7 – 8 hours a night to stay energized and healthy.

Next time you are on the road keep these 7 tips in mind on staying healthy and happy while traveling. Happy travels! Healthy adventures!

Kat is a holistic health and happiness coach whose life purpose is to empower others to dare to live a happy and healthy life inside and out. Her mission to guide her clients how to feed their body and soul in order to heal ailments, chronic pain, emotional issues and to live the life of their dreams in health, happiness and love.  You can follow her via her blog- Happy Health 365 or follow her on Facebook.